Berry FruLance - Refreshing drink with raspberries and Tonka
  • Ingredients for the preparation of two long drink glasses (approx. 300 ml):
  • 80 g fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 80 g Dates
  • Half a lemon peel of organic lemon
  • 1 piece Tonka bean (or as powder)
  • 500 ml Staatl. Fachingen MEDIUM
  • 4 medium sized ice cubes
  • For Decoration:
  • 2 Slices of organic lemon,
  • A handful of fresh or frozen raspberries
  1. Grind the tonka bean with a fine kitchen grater and grate the peel of half an organic lemon.
  2. Puree both ingredients with raspberries, dates and 200 ml Staatl. Fachingen MEDIUM in a mixer until creamy. Depending on the consistency, the remaining seeds of the raspberries can then be removed by sieving.
  3. To serve, divide the ice cubes into two glasses. If necessary, add a few raspberries and a slice of lemon to each glass.
  4. Pour in the raspberry-date tonka bean cream evenly and, depending on the size of the glass, pour in about 150 ml of Staatl. Fachingen MEDIUM.
  5. Stir the drink well with a long spoon and enjoy.
  6. For an extra freshness kick: Pour the raspberry-date- tonka bean cream into an ice cube container and place in the freezer. After approx. 2 hours, once the ice cubes are frozen, they can be distributed on the glasses and poured with Staatl. Fachingen MEDIUM.
Recipe by Annelina Waller at